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Board Roles & Responsibilities


  • Elected by, and accountable to, the local league board of directors.

  • Oversee the affairs of all elements of the league.

  • Select and appoint managers, coaches, umpires and committees (all appointments subject to approval by the local league board of directors).

  • Maintain contact with Little League International.

  • Represent the league in the District organization.

  • Gain support and win friends for the league program.

  • Preside at league meetings and assume full responsibility for the operation of the local league.


  • Preside in avenues of the president.

  • Works with other officers and committee members.

  • Carry out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the president.


  • Maintain a register of members and directors.

  • Records the minutes of the meetings.

  • Is responsible for sending out notice of meetings.

  • Maintains a record of league activities.


  • Dispenses league funds approved by the board of directors.

  • Reports on the status of league funds.

  • Keeps local league books and financial records.

  • Prepares budgets.

  • Assumes the responsibility for all local league finances.


  • Coordinate all safety activities including supervision of ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program).

  • Ensure safety in player training.

  • Ensure safe playing conditions.

  • Coordinate reporting and prevention of injuries.

  • Solicit suggestions for making conditions safer.

  • Report suggestions to Little League International through the ASAP system.

  • Responsible for ensuring that all volunteers have cleared the required background check.


  • Conduct annual evaluations

  • Is in charge of player placement

  • Assist president in checking birth records and eligibility of players.

  • Along with the president, oversee the All Star Tournament team selection process.

Coaching Coordinator

  • Represent league managers/coaches.

  • Present a manager/coach training program and cost to the board.

  • Order and distribute training materials.

  • Coordinate clinics as necessary.


  • Order and distribute all player uniforms as well as coaches shirts and Board of Director shirts.

  • Responsible for regular season uniforms, All Star Tournament uniforms and fall ball uniforms.

All-Star Director

  • Serve as the primary contact with District organization for the All Star Tournament.

  • Ensure that All Star Tournament player and manager selection is done in accordance with the league-by-laws.

  • In cooperation with League President and All Star team managers, facilitate all administrative responsibilities associated with the tournament . (i.e, affidavits, address and eligibilities confirmation, etc.)

  • Responsible for ensuring that the front table of all home games is properly staffed throughout the tournament. At least one board member plus one additional volunteer is required to work the front table at all home games throughout the tournament.


  • Provide umpire training.

  • Schedule umpires.

  • In cooperation with league Safety Officer, ensure that all umpires are approved.

Sponsorships & Fundraising Manager

  • Solicit and secure local sponsorships to support league operations.

  • Collect and review sponsorship and fundraising opportunities.

  • Organize and implement approved league fundraising activities. 

  • In cooperation with the Volunteer Liaison, coordinate participants in fundraising activities.

  • Maintain records of money secured through sponsorship and fundraising initiatives. 

Fields & Grounds


  • Serve as contact person between the league and the Sparta Maintenance staff.

  • Communicate with league managers, coaches, and board members regarding field conditions and other field-related issues.

  • Be available to inspect fields and grounds during inclement weather situations and
    communicate effectively with league board members regarding field closings. 

  • Serve as primary contact for organizing field supplies (tarps, portajohns, lime, etc.) or anything related to the presentation or continued maintenance of all baseball fields. 

Equipment Director

  • Manage the league equipment.

  • Order any new equipment needed prior to the season.

  • With the help of other board members and parent volunteers, organize equipment bags for distribution to team managers.

  • Distribute and collect equipment bags at the beginning and end of each season.

  • All equipment not being used is kept in a league storage unit.

  • The majority of time required for this position is at the beginning and end of the spring season and can be tailored around the schedule of the person holding this position.



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