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Divisions & Playing Rules

Welcome to Sparta Baseball. For the 2021 season we have 8 divisions that are organized by age including:

 Tee Ball

Ages 4, 5, 6

Tee ball for ages 5-6 acclimates the kids to the game of baseball and softball.


Ages 12-13

Our Intermediate Division plays on 50/70 field sizes.

Coach Pitch

Ages 7-8

Our Coaches Pitch division plays on the 46/60 field sizes and is the same as Little League’s Minor Coach Pitch Division.


Ages 14-15

Our Juniors Division plays on 60/90 field sizes.

Champions Player Pitch

Ages 9-10

Our Champion Division plays on 46/60 field sizes. 


Ages 4-18

The Little League Challenger Division® is Little League’s adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges. 


Ages 11-12

Our Majors Division plays on 50/70 field sizes. 


For more information on the division formats and general rules please see the Little League Baseball Divisions website:

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